Steel sheet pile manufacturer teaches you how to deal with the problems encountered in piling
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There is no fixed place for the use of steel sheet piles. It will be exposed to different kinds of items such as sand, sand, water and stones during use. However, there are some special problems that are difficult to solve when piling. Let the steel sheet pile factoryteach you how to deal with the problems of piling.

The most common situation in the piling process is the encounter with large stones or obstacles that do not know what it is, thus affecting the pile depth of the steel sheet pile. In the case of such problems, the obstacles can be wound around with corner piles or curved piles.

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In the process of nailing the pile body, the position of the pile body is inclined due to the difference in the magnitude of the soil pressing force. When such a problem is encountered, the sheet pile can be repeated in the place where the sheet pile occurs. Pull up the height of 1 to 2 meters and then hammer down. After repeated repetitions, the stone can be shattered or moved, so that the position of the sheet pile can be adjusted to reduce the inclination of the pile. It ensures the smoothness of the sheet pile during construction.

When the position of the sheet pile is changed during the lowering of the plate shape, the shaped pile can be used to change its position. When there is a joint situation when the nailing is performed, a little oil or the like may be applied to the two joints to reduce the resistance caused by the friction between the two.

Through the treatment of the problem with the steel sheet pile manufacturer, it can be understood that no matter what type of problem is encountered, as long as it can be corrected, it is not a big problem. Be cautious about every problem that arises. This is the best problem.

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