Difference between steel sheet pile types
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The use of steel sheet piles in the current construction industry is already very extensive, and there are more and more types of it. There are two main steel sheet pile types that are still in circulation in the market. One is cold-formed thin-walled steel sheet piles and the other is hot-rolled steel sheet piles. Under these two categories can be divided into smaller subcategories.

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The first category has L-shaped, U-shaped, etc. underneath it. This kind of sheet pile should be inspected and cleaned during use, and it is not necessary to carry out this step if it is a new sheet pile. Used sheet piles can cause some damage on the bottom or on the sheet piles, which will affect the progress during the construction process. It is cheaper to manufacture and less difficult to use, which makes it more usable. Its disadvantage is that it has the same section thickness at the bayonet, which will cause the sheet pile to leak in the process of use, and the probability of damage during the construction process will be greater.

There are a variety of models and styles in the second category. It also has L-type, U-type and other types. It is more diverse than the first category in the classification of categories. It can be selected in the process of use. More, it is also based on the particularity of the situation, different types of sheet piles can be combined to achieve better construction results. This kind of sheet pile has certain difficulty in production cost. It overcomes the situation of water leakage at the bayonet, and adjusts the thickness of the sheet pile at the part, which is a tighter link between them.

As can be seen from the above, no matter which kind of steel sheet pile is used, some problems will occur in the process of using it. To achieve the best use effect, it depends on the user's choice. We operate a wide range of steel sheet piles to allow you to choose from.

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