Problems in Steel Sheet Pile Construction
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① In the process of pile driving, large block stone, or other unknown obstacles are encountered, which leads to an insufficient driving depth of the steel sheet pile. Corner pile or arc pile is used to bypass the obstacle.

② When the steel sheet pile is squeezed into the miscellaneous filled soil section, it is easy to cause deflection due to the difference of the lateral extrusion force such as stones. The following measures are taken to correct the deviation: pull the steel sheet pile up by 1.0 m ~ 2.0 m at the position where the deviation occurs, and then hammer it down. In this way, the large block stone can be broken or displaced, so that the position of the steel sheet pile can be corrected and the steel sheet pile can be reduced The inclination of sheet piles.

③ When the inclination of the steel sheet pile along the axis is large, the special-shaped pile is used to correct the problem. The special-shaped pile is generally sheet pile with a width larger than or less than the standard width, and the special-shaped pile can be welded according to the actual inclination; when the inclination is small, the pile can be pulled backward and hammered by winch or hoist and steel cable.

④ When the foundation is soft, the adjacent piles are sometimes brought in during construction. The measures adopted are to weld several adjacent piles together, and apply grease and other lubrication on the connection lock mouth of the driving pile to reduce the resistance.

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