Steel Sheet Pile Types
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According to the production process, steel sheet pile types can be divided into cold-formed thin-walled steel sheet pile and hot-rolled steel sheet pile.

(1) There are two types of cold-formed steel sheet piles: nonbite type cold-formed steel sheet pile (also known as channel plate) and bite type cold-formed steel sheet pile (divided into L-type, S-type, U-type and Z-type). Production process: thin plate (commonly used thickness of 8mm ~ 14mm) is continuously rolled in the cold bending unit. Advantages: less investment in the production line, lower production cost, flexible product sizing control. Disadvantages: the thickness of each part of the pile is the same, the cross-section size can not be optimized, which leads to the increase of steel consumption, the shape of the lock is difficult to control, the joint is not tightly clamped, and the pile is easy to tear in the use process.

(2) Hot rolled steel sheet piles in the world are mainly U-type, Z-type, as type, H-type, and other major categories and dozens of specifications. The production, processing, and installation technology of Z-type and as type steel sheet piles are relatively complex, which are mainly used in Europe and America, while U-shaped steel sheet piles are mainly used in China. Production process: formed by high temperature rolling of section steel rolling mill. Advantages: standard size, superior performance, reasonable cross-section, high quality, lock bite with tight water resistance. Disadvantages: high technical difficulty, high production cost, and inflexible specification series.

The cold-formed steel sheet pile is formed by continuous rolling of the cold-formed machine, and the side lock can be continuously overlapped to form a sheet pile wall. The cold-formed steel sheet pile is made of the thin plate (the commonly used thickness is 8mm-14mm) and processed by a cold-formed forming machine. Its production cost is lower and the price is cheaper, and the scale control is more flexible. However, due to the simple processing method, the thickness of each part of the pile body is the same, and the cross-section size can not be optimized, increasing steel consumption; the shape of the lock is difficult to control, the joint is not tight, and water can not be stopped; restricted by the capacity of cold bending processing equipment, only products with low strength grade and thin thickness can be produced, and the stress generated in the process of cold bending is large, and the pile body is easy to tear in use There are some limitations in application. In the engineering construction, the cold-formed steel sheet pile has a narrow application scope, and most of them are only used as the material supplement for application. Characteristics of cold-formed steel sheet pile: according to the actual situation of the project, the most economical and reasonable section can be selected to realize the optimization of engineering design. Compared with the hot-rolled steel sheet pile with the same performance, the material is saved by 10-15%, and the construction cost is greatly reduced.

At present, due to the limitation of production conditions and scale, there is no production line for hot-rolled steel sheet piles in China, and the hot-rolled steel sheet piles used in China are all from abroad.

Steel sheet pile types

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