Jiangsu Wanxiang Steel Sheet Pile Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangning Industrial Park, Nanjing, a historical and cultural ancient capital. It is a specialized manufacturer engaged in the design, production and logistics of cold-formed steel sheet piles. It covers an area of 20,000 square meters and has an annual production capacity. 100,000 tons.

    Wanxiang WP series cold-formed steel sheet pile series products. The varieties include U-shaped, Z-shaped, M-type, lock-locked steel sheet piles, with more than 100 specifications and models; the main production technology backbone has more than ten years of steel sheet pile production technology accumulation and Precipitation, participated in the initial design, development and production of domestic cold-formed steel sheet piles, witnessed the birth of the first domestic cold-formed steel sheet piles. The company focused on steel sheet pile products for more than ten years, in product design, production, construction and installation, etc. Rich experience; is an important partner of Shanghai Baosteel Nanjing Meishan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., with absolute advantages in raw material quality and supply chain management, and is the most powerful guarantee for the company's long-term healthy development.

    Wanxiang WP series cold-formed steel sheet piles are widely used in shipbuilding, water canal road protection structure, bridges, railways, underground buildings, cofferdams, etc., with many features such as light weight, high interface modulus, energy saving and environmental protection. The products have been used in large-scale projects such as China Railway and China Construction. In recent years, they have participated in the key waterway improvement projects such as the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal and the Hangping Shenxian Channel in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and It has been widely recognized and highly appraised by the industry. Highly praised. The product quality conforms to the national standard "GB/T 29654-2013" and the European cold-formed steel sheet pile standard EN10249 . The products are exported to more than ten countries in Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East and other international markets. The steel sheet pile brand has laid the foundation for expanding the international market. 


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