Requirements of U shaped steel sheet pile in use
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Steel sheet pile is a kind of device which can be connected together to form a whole. It has different types, each type can be connected, and some types can be combined. The requirements of U shaped steel sheet pile in use are introduced below.

U shaped steel sheet pile

1.Requirements for location, steel sheet pile in the pile down to consider whether the construction of the foundation is the most convenient, the location is best in its surrounding area, can protect the building to a certain extent. When placing steel sheet piles, the corresponding number of steel sheet piles should be placed near the place of use according to the situation of use, so as to reduce the situation of secondary handling.

2. When using the U shaped steel sheet pile, we should pay attention to keeping the position of the lower pile on the same horizontal line to ensure its straightness and neatness. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the vertical of the steel sheet pile at the turning point, so as to make the steel sheet pile more stable in later use. Before piling, the position of piling is measured and marked with white line to prevent the pile from being crooked and affect the later use.

3. Requirements for safety. During the whole construction period, steel sheet piles are strictly protected during excavation, lifting of building materials and pouring of concrete. Contact support is forbidden. Heavy objects are forbidden to be placed on support, and dismantling and cutting operations are not allowed at will. This can play a corresponding protective role when the foundation has not been laid.

Through the above points, we can reduce the useless work when using steel sheet piles, increase the use of steel sheet piles to make the construction efficiency, thus effectively reducing the construction time. If you want to buy U shaped steel sheet pile, you can consult through customer service telephone, and look forward to your call.

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