• WP-Z shaped steel sheet pile

WP-Z shaped steel sheet pile

The product of cold-formed Z shaped steel sheet pile has the characteristics of convenient construction, rapid progress, no need of huge construction equipment, and is conducive to seismic design. According to the specific conditions of the project, the cross-section shape and length of cold-formed Z steel sheet pile can be changed to make the structure design more economical and reasonable. In addition, by optimizing the section design of cold-formed steel sheet pile, the quality coefficient of the product has been significantly improved, the weight of the width of the pile wall per meter has been reduced, and the cost of the project has been reduced.

Advantages of Z shaped steel sheet pile

1. Large cross-section width, the effect of pile driving is remarkable.

2. Large section modulus.

3. The higher moment of inertia enhances the stiffness of steel sheet pile wall and reduces the structural deformation.

4. Excellent corrosion resistance.

Application of Z shaped steel sheet pile

Z-shaped steel sheet piles are widely used in automobiles, railway vehicles, shelves, electrical cabinets, highway guardrails, building steel structures, containers, transmission towers, steel sheet piles, cable bridge, agricultural machinery, furniture, vegetable greenhouses, pipeline brackets and other fields.

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