Use of Z shaped steel sheet pile
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Z shaped steel sheet pile is the most flexible one in many steel sheet piles, which can be combined with other kinds of steel sheet piles. Let's take a look at the operation process of Z-shaped steel sheet pile.

Z shaped steel sheet pile adopts vibration driving method when driving, which can not only ensure that the pile will not be damaged, but also reduce the noise during construction. When the pile is pulled out, the track which can bear 50 tons shall be used together with the vibration hammer. The operation steps in use are as follows: firstly, the frame of guide pile shall be set to ensure that there will be no error during construction. The pile can be driven after simple cleaning. In the process of pile driving, it should be noted that the straight line formed by the pile body should be on the same horizontal plane.

Z shaped steel sheet pile.jpg

After the completion of piling, the interior shall be reinforced and supported, and the objects inside the body shall be set with leakage stoppage and waterproof, and the interior shall be emptied after completion. After the completion of clearing, the base will be hardened and the foundation construction cannot be completed. After these steps are completed, the piles can be pulled out.

There are several steps in the use of steel sheet piles, such as the installation of guide pile frame. The guide pile frame can effectively set the position of sheet pile and reduce the delay of the whole construction process due to looking for the location of the nail.

Through the above content, there can be an overall operation process for the use of steel sheet piles, which can be applied to the use of other steel sheet piles. We undertake all kinds of steel sheet piles. If you need steel sheet piles, you can contact us through customer service and provide you with all kinds of steel sheet piles. Welcome to contact us.

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