Different steel sheet pile types
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The application of steel sheet piles in the current construction industry has been very extensive, and the evaluation rate of its use is gradually increasing. The main reason is that there are many kinds of it, the characteristics of the sheet pile are good, it will not be corroded, and the method of repairing is also simple. Let's take a look at the steel sheet pile types.

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The steel sheet pile is actually a general term. It can be divided into a cold-formed type and a hot-rolled type. No matter which type of sheet pile has a bite type and a non-bite type. The most used type of cold-bending type is the bite type, which can be divided into L type, S type, U type, and Z type according to the shape. The advantage of this type is that the cost of production is relatively low, and the stability during use is strong. When it is made into a linkage linkage wall, it is necessary to rely on foreign objects for stability.

There are also U-shaped, Z-shaped and AS-type hot-rolled types. There are many steel sheet pile types, and some of them are used in Europe and the United States because of the complexity of the manufacturing process and processing. Its advantage is that it has a strong sealing seam and can be tightly combined to provide good water barrier. The demanding processing technology requirements make the product of high quality and good performance.

The different slab piles have the same responsibilities in the process of use. Different sheet piles have different characteristics under different construction conditions. There are many steel sheet pile types, and they are used in different construction sites. I would like to contact us by ordering different types of steel sheet piles.

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